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Stolní tvrdoměr Brinell Nexus 3000

Stolní tvrdoměr Brinell Nexus 3000
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Top quality Brinell & Vickers testing in one super rigid frame. ‘’Made in Germany’’ optical system with high quality
objectives and either analogue or digital reading. Conversion to other hardness scales and online statistics.
Connectivity for data output via RS-232.
• Load cell, closed loop system
• Test loads 30kgf - 3000kgf
• LCD display showing Brinell and Vickers value, statistics and tester settings
• Simultaneous conversion to Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell and Leeb rebound testing
• Microscope with analogue scale for indentation measurement (3001 model)
• Digital microscope for automatic indentation measurement (3002 model)
• Standard supplied with opjectives for 10x, 25x and 150x magnification
• Brinell video microscope system (optional)
• Brinell INV-IMPRESSIONS automatic indent measuring and filing system
• XL version, 450mm workpiece height, 250mm throat depth

Standardní dodávka

• Analogue microscope with 10x, 25x
and 100x magnification (3001)
• Digital microscope with 10x, 25x
and 100x magnification (3002) for
automatic measurement
• Ball indentors ø1mm, ø 2.5mm,
ø5mm and ø10mm
• V-anvil ø80mm
• Large flat anvil ø200mm
• Small flat anvil ø60mm
• Testing table ø80mm
• Fuse 2A (3 pcs)
• Hardness test block
150-250 HBW 10/3000
• Hardness test block
75-125 HBW 10/1000
• Hardness test block 150-250 HBW
• RS-232 data output
• 4 adjustable feet
• INNOVATEST® certificate
• Installation and user manual

Další příslušenství

• Motorized spindle for fully automatic
testing on XL models
• Large testing table 350mm x 250mm
• HB100 Video measuring and data
base system
• Extended height/width frame XL models
• Motorized X-Y stage
• Indentors & hardness test blocks
• Certified indentors
• Reference hardness blocks
• Solid tester table & storage cabinet
• Specified color requirement