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Přenosný tvrdoměř TIME 5100

Přenosný tvrdoměř TIME 5100
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přenosný tvrdoměr s integrovanou D/C nebo DL sondou


 The world famous IMPACT™ series, part of the unbeatable series of TIME dynamic Leeb hardness testers offer very
affordable, but accurate hardness testing solution for on-site testing in workshops and in field operation. The units assure
accurate and reliable measurement. All results and statistics can be directly printed to the optional compact fast thermal
printer. Any metallic products with a minimum solid mass starting from 0.5kg can be tested according to the Leeb
principle. The display shows hardness values in all common scales, such as HRC, HRB, HV, HB, HS, and HLD.
The instrument is equipped with replaceable batteries providing 16 hours continuous operation.
• Dynamic rapid hardness test procedure
• TIME5100 Impact device D integrated
• TIME5102 Impact device C applying low impact energy for surface hardened components and thin walled components
• TIME5104 Impact device DL for testing in confined spaces
• Wide measuring range
• Direct display of hardness Rockwell HRB, HRC, Vickers HV, Brinell HB, Shore HS, Leeb HL
• For most metallic materials
• Automatic gravity compensation for testing at any angle
• Simple handling and low test expenditure
• High accuracy ±0.5%
• Clear LCD display showing all functions and parameters
• Conforms to ASTM A 956 and DIN 50156

Standardní dodávka

 • Instrument with integrated impact device type D, C or DL
• Hardness test block with HLD-, HLCor HLDL-value
• AAA Batteries (2pcs)
• Cleaning brush
• Coupling paste
• Support ring small
• USB communication cable
• USB driver cd
• INNOVATEST® certificate
• Manual
• Carrying case

Další příslušenství

• UKAS Reference hardness blocks
• Support rings for convex, concave and spherical surfaces (only TH-170/172) (see page 93)