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Univerzální tvrdoměr Nexus 7000

Univerzální tvrdoměr Nexus 7000
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Záruka:2 roky
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Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop, Brinell, HVT, HBT Load cell, closed loop, force feedback system. Advanced digital system,
digital readings, memory and conversion to other hardness scales. Mat screen for Vickers and Brinell indents.
Large workpiece accommodation in the range of test loads starting at 1kgf to 250kgf.
• Load cell, force feedback, closed loop system
• Wide test load range up to 250kgf
• Complies to all applicable EN/ISO and ASTM standards
• Shape correction values for curved surfaces
• High-quality depth measuring system (Rockwell, HBT, HVT)
• Very user-friendly, low training requirements
• Possibility to store 20 batch files with 50 measuring results each
• Direct printer and/or PC connections via RS-232 and USB-2
Suitable to determine the hardness of castings and forgings, meets a wide variety of applications within the automotive
and aerospace industry

Standardní dodávka

 • Diamond Rockwell indentor
• Vickers indentor
• Brinell indentor 2.5mm
• Hardness test block HRA
• Hardness test block HRC
• Hardness test block HRB
• Hardness test block HV30
• Hardness test block HB2.5/187.5
• Objective for 70x magnification
• Objective for 140x magnification
• Clamping protection nose
• Testing table ø80mm
• Installation & user manual
• Calibration certificate
• Toolset

Další příslušenství

• Objectives for 10x, 20x, 44x magnification
• Testing table ø150mm
• Testing table ø235mm
• V-Anvil ø80mm
• V-Anvil ø120mm
• Certified indentors & hardness test blocks
• Long Vickers indentor
• Other testing tables and XY-stages
• Precision vices, V-blocks and special clamps
• Software solutions for advanced applications