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Přenosný tvrdoměr Barcol INBC-01

Přenosný tvrdoměr Barcol INBC-01
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Záruka:2 roky
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přenosný tvrdoměr na hliník, měď, plasty


Portable indentation hardness tester.
Used to test the hardness of all kinds of aluminum, from very soft aluminum to very hard aluminum alloys.
Single hand operation; no real operating experience required; can test any flat surface.
Wide testing range equivalent to Brinell hardness 25-150HBW.
Extended application. Model INBC-01 is applied to test the hardness of aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, copper
alloys, fiber reinforced plastics and rigid plastics etc.
High sensitivity.
Featured with 100 segments scale, much more sensitive than Webster hardness testers applied in aluminum alloys
No need to move or support the workpiece. Used to test super large and thick workpieces and assembly parts.
Complies to ASTM B648-2000.
Easy conversion.
The test results can be converted to HB, HR, HV and HW through a conversion table supplied with the instrument.

Standardní dodávka

• Instrument
• Spare indentors (2 pcs)
• High value Standard hardness plate
• Low value Standard hardness plate
• Calibration wrench
• Supporting foot
• Carrying case

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