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Ultrazvukový tloušťkoměr TT500

Ultrazvukový tloušťkoměr TT500
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Záruka:2 roky
Dostupnost:3 týdny
Kategorie:Přístroje pro kontrolu tloušťky stěny >


přesný ultrazvukový tloušťkoměr


  • A-Scan display for waveform verification
  • Wide thickness range (0.75-508mm)
  • Echo-echo mode to determine the distance excluding the coating between two echoes
  • Min. and Max. mode
  • Two Alarm modes: Standard High-Low and Previous thickness
  • Two Differential modes: Thickness difference between actual measuring and reference value. Percent difference between actual measuring and reference  value
  • Large memory for up to 100 A-scan graphs and 10000 thickness values
  • Manual gain adjustment/auto gain selectable
  • Large backlit LCD display


  • Thickness control of pressure pipelines
  • Monitoring of wall thickness of vessels
  • Thickness measuring of pressure vessels
  • Corrosion check of ocean vessels
  • Routine maintenance of steel structures
  • Quality control of forged and casting parts

Standardní dodávka

  • Instrument
  • Battery
  • Couplant
  • Transducer 5Pø10
  • Protection case
  • Manual
  • INNOVATEST certificate

Technická data

Measuring range 0.75-508.00mm
Sound speed 1000-9999m/s
Scanning mode A scan
Gain range 20-70db step: 1db
Rectification Positive half wave, negative wave, full wave, and RF
Testing mode Standard mode: testing from primary pulse to the first echo
Testing between two echoes
Resolution Standard: 0.01 low:0.1
Memory 100 A scan graphs and
10000 thickness values in 100 groups
Communication RS232 port to PC or printer
Tolerance (steel) A) when the selected resolution is 0.01mm and
    they thickness is H<10mm, the tolerance is = 0.05mm max.
B) when the resolution is 0.01mm and the thickness
    H>10mm, the tolerance is = (0.5% H 0.01mm) max.
C) when the resolution is 0.1mm the tolerance is = (1% H 0.1mm) max.
Pulse frequency 1KHz
Protection class IP54

Na přání

  • Transducers for special applications
  • Transducer 7MHz 6
  • Transducer 5MHz 10
  • Transducer 5MHz 10/90
  • Transducer 2MHz 18
  • Printer
  • USB cable